Giro del Belvedere takes on the challenge on Easter Monday

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The organizers of the International Under 23 race have decided to stage the event on April 5th despite restrictions. Teams’ applications still grow but caution is a must this time

After skipping a season due to the pandemic emergency, the Giro del Belvedere organizing committee confirmed the 82nd edition of the International Under 23 event to be held on the usual date of Easter Monday, April 5th.

Although aware of all difficulties in organizing sports events in time of Covid, the Pro Belvedere allayed all concerns about the 2021 edition by relying on the huge experience gained in many years of activity. However, no side events that annually attract thousands of people to Villa di Villa for the Easter Monday will take place this time: nevertheless, the desire to make the event stronger than any adversity has prevailed.

It wasn’t an easy decision – President Gianfranco Carlet explains – but the prospect of stopping the event for the second year in a row gave us the courage we needed to take on the challenge. Those hard moments call our organization to prove its worth. We hope to give an optimistic message by helping to restore the normality that we all need so much“.

In […]

2020 Giro del Belvedere cancelled

2020-03-18T12:43:17+01:0018 March 2020|

Due to the Italian health emergency and the related measures adopted by the International Cycling Union (UCI), the Pro Belvedere organizers have decided to cancel the U23 international race, planned on Easter Monday, April 13th. The event will not be rescheduled and will be back in 2021

Giro del Belvedere organizing company Pro Belvedere officially announced the cancellation of the U23 international race planned in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Italy) on Monday, April 13th, due the COVID-19 health emergency and the related measures adopted by the International Cycling Union (UCI) on March 15th, 2020.

The organizing committee has decided to not ask for a new date in the 2020 UCI international calendar, and the appointment is therefore postponed to next year.

“Public health takes priority over everything – the organizers explained. – For this reason we decided to renounce to the 2020 edition. We hope the Covid-19 virus will be eradicated soon, but returning to normality will take time”. 

The Pro Belvedere has followed to the UCI request to “cancel any cycling event on the UCI International Calendar in territories identified at risk by the World Health Organization”.

“Trying to figure out a new date in an already congested international calendar would have been difficult: – the organizers continued – the Giro del Belvedere has its peculiarities as an event, […]

From Belvedere to the rainbow, how Battistella’s dreams came true

2020-02-14T12:10:10+01:0014 February 2020|

Samuele won last year in Villa di Villa (Treviso) and became U23 World champion five months later: “Giro del Belvedere’s victory gave me awareness of my skills”

A bridge to the pro’ world is how NTT Pro Cycling‘s prospect Samuele Battistella describes Giro del Belvedere that he claimed last year in Villa di Villa (Treviso). Scheduled for Monday, April 13th, 2020, on Easter Monday as usual, the race is one of the most important events of the U23 international calendar and a perfect launching pad for the young talents.

The course resembles the major one-day classics in so far as it is open to any outcome. In the early part the crowded “Conche” hill excites the riders while Montaner and Via delle Longhe ascents are usually the perfect set for the favorites’ breakaways.

Just in that place, Battistella managed last year to distance his opponents along Giovanni Aleotti and eventually outsprinted him in the final stretch, an unforgettable memory for the 21-year-old from Rossano Veneto (Vicenza): “The great multitude along the roads, from the start to the finish is what I kept in my heart of that day – Samuele explained -, it’s not often in the U23 races. I was focused on […]

2020 Giro del Belvedere’s course sticks with tradition

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The organizers confirmed the spectacular final circuit while the initial one has been slightly shortened. On next Easter Monday, April 13th, an unpredictable race will gather the greatest international U23 talents

The Giro del Belvedere will follow the tradition on next Easter Monday, April 13th, 2020. The race taking place in the Treviso province, considered as one of the most important U23 international classic races, will maintain the same technical features by keeping the course almost unchanged compared to last year.

The riders will face an overall 166,2-kilometre distance. Indeed, the Giro del Belvedere’s 82nd edition will differ by the previous just for the shortened initial circuit. As always, the start will be set in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso), with 14 laps of about 10-kilometre circuit whose key-point stays on the “Conche” climb (one kilometre uphill at 5%, with gradients up to 9%), surrounded by two wings of spectators.

No changes are otherwise planned for the final showcase, where the top guns usually come to the fore. The 17,3-kilometre circuit will be approached twice, with Montaner climb tackled from Borgo Canalet‘s side (1,700 kilometres with a 12% average gradient and peaks at 18-20%), followed by a 800-metre descent and Via delle Longhe’s 500-metre […]

Easter Monday equals Giro del Belvedere: April 13th is the date fixed

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Pro Belvedere’s organizers at work for the 82nd edition of the U23 international race, that will take place in Villa di Cordignano. A successful story that keeps on going

On next Easter Monday, April 13th, Villa di Cordignano (Treviso) will host the 82nd edition of the Giro del Belvedere, the Veneto’s one-day race whose spectacular, unpredictable and historical course launched young prospects towards the professionals in recent years.

With around five months to go, this traditional and prestigious U23 classic warms up for a new exciting edition after the impressive 2019 race when Samuele Battistella raised his arms in Villa di Cordignano before U23 World Champion in the Yorkshire five months later. Then, Battistella signed his first professional contract with South African NTT Cycling for 2020 season, as well as his teammate Matteo Sobrero, another rider always in the Giro del Belvedere’ spotlights, by finishing third in the last two editions.

In 2019, Battistella beat in a two-man sprint Giovanni Aleotti, runner-up in Veneto after his brilliant performanes at Tour de l’Avenir with the Italian National jersey. Aleotti has already secured a big step into the pro’ from 2021 with CCC.

“Our story is full of tradition and competence – the Pro Belvedere general […]