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La mostra dei vini d’Annata

The vine is, maybe, the symbol that better represents and expresses the identity and the history of the small village of Villa di Villa. Vine cultivation has eventually become an essential knowledge and practice: this tradition was handed on from father to son, determining the transformation of the territory, wisely taking advantage of the natural resources of our earth.

Vineyards and vineyards: this is what portrays our landscape. We cultivate different species of vine, among them we have the vintage Prosecco DOCG wine. In the fifties was set up a simple but heartfelt village fair, the Sagra dei brent. It took place in the first half of October, that was the month of the vintage, at the time. In 1964 the festival was shifted to the Easter period, and eventually became an important Vintage Wine Exhibition.All the village producers took part in the Vintage Wine Exhibition, proud of showing the results of their efforts and passion.