Probelvedere A.S.D.

Pro Belvedere A.S.D. is an amateur sports association that has its seat in Villa di Cordignano and is the protagonist of the organization of the Giro del Belvedere.
The association is involved in various sports and social activities, and Gianfranco Carlet is the real mentor of this international Under 23 competition.
Gianfranco and his staff’s passion, ability and great experience assure the high quality of the Giro del Belvedere.
The Giro del Belvedere is a race based on the work of volunteers, driven on by cycling passion and sport culture.

Pro Belvedere A.S.D. organization chart


Edoardo Benetti

President assistant

Marco De Boni


Vanni Meneghetti


Biz Alberto


Renato Uliana, Efren Chies, Paola Giacomini, Irma Dell’ Antonia, Cinzia Soneghet, Ivan Cao, Omar De Luca, Matteo Maida , Marco Soneghet, Riccardo Carlet, Marco Biz, Matteo Ceschin.