Giro del Belvedere celebrates its hundred years

On Monday, April 10, 2023, the Easter Monday classic returns to Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, North-East Italy) by turning the prestigious milestone of 100 years since its first edition. The Pro Belvedere organizers crafted a special logo and many initiatives linked to the territory and its excellences

It was 1923 when the history of the Giro del Belvedere began. One hundred years and eighty-four editions later, on Easter Monday, April 102023, the story will add another illustrious chapter. Since its debut on dirt roads a century ago, the Belvedere has been able to keep up with great cycling, evolving and offering different and ever more attractive routes.

Now known as the “Easter Monday Classic,” the race scheduled in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, North-East Italy) is one of the most important international cycling events for U23s, so much so that it is considered like a spring World Cup for the category. Organized as per tradition by Pro Belvedere, under the guidance of Gianfranco Carlet, the 2023 event will celebrate the prestigious achievement with a panel of side events aiming at celebrating this centennial accomplishment and at introducing some interesting new features.

special logo has been created for the centennial year, boasting fashion golden details. Moreover, the number “100” has been added in gold along, together with the dates “1923-2023”.

“This unbelievable milestone – Carlet said – represents an achievement that pays back all the effort we put in over the years to give our young athletes and fans the best possible event. We can’t wait to celebrate this accomplishment with the riders and our territory, which offers stunning views, great flavours, and has a love for cycling that is second to none. A special logo is just the beginning: we will reveal further initiatives soon to celebrate a Giro del Belvedere well rooted in the past but always looking forward.”

On the starting line in Villa di Cordignano the leading role will be played once again by the Continental Teams. Up for grabs is a title that has boosted the careers of athletes like Silvio MartinelloMaurizio Fondriest or Stefan Kueng. Furthermore, as evidence of top-notch technical participation, in its latest edition it witnessed the duel between two of the most promising figures in international cycling: the then European JR champion Romain Grégoire, later a solo winner, and the then JR world champion Per Strand Hagenes, third at the finish line.

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