Giro del Belvedere adds a “gourmet” ring to its centennial anniversary’s route

A new segment featuring an unprecedented climb spiking up to 15% gradient, will join the two traditional loops of the Conche and the Montaner ascents. Public and private efforts made this further novelty possible

The Organizational Committee of Pro Belvedere is working relentlessly towards the Giro del Belvedere centennial anniversary, scheduled in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, North-East Italy) on April 10th, 2023. As per tradition, the best U23 cycling talents on the international panorama will gathered in Veneto, for the 84th edition of the Easter Monday Classic, ready to give the fans an even greater show.

Thanks to an efficient joint effort, involving the OC, the Municipality of Cordignano and the Grigolin family through Brussi Costruzioni srl company -, the Belvedere will feat a new ring called “Giro del Buongustare” (Fine tasting), which aims at making the race increasing spectacular and at enhancing the local gourmet experience for the fans.

Furthermore, this new feat also boasts a positive outcome for road traffic. Given the special occasion of the Belvedere centennial, the vision of the organization, the promptness of the Municipality and the support of Brussi Costrunzioni worked together to realize a long-thought variation on the racecourse, which will be now be possible thanks to the new road surface.

The classic 166.2 km traditional route over two loops will thus become a 171 km route with three rings, for a total amount of 26.1 km of climbing, 127.1 km of flat terrain and 17.8 km of downhill, featuring 1.920 metres of elevation gain.

Following the first loop (9.4 km long) with the “Conche” ascent, to be repeated eight times, the riders will tackle for three times the new 11 km long “Giro del Buongustare” and its Piai della Vigna climb (500 metres long, 9% average, 15% max gradient). After that, the peloton will head back to the first “Conche” ring for another three times, before tackling the final and decisive part of the race.

Indeed, the last loop (17.3 km long, to be repeated twice) will bring the riders on the Montaner slopes (1.5 km climb, 12% average and peaks of 18-20% gradient) from the side of Borgo Canalet, and to the Via delle Longhe climb (500 metres with an average gradient of 12% and a maximum of 17%). These two ascents will be key in deciding the winner of one of the most demanding editions ever of the Giro del Belvedere.

“As announced, this edition will feature many novelties – argued Gianfranco Carlet, leading the OC operations – and here we are with another one. Our goal was to make the route even more technical and challenging, while maintaining its benchmark spots and involve other gems of our area who are suitable to host a cycling race.”

“Through an effective synergysm between the public and private bodies – continued Carlet, “we have achieved our goal, making the Giro del Belvedere also an asset for the community: a heartfelt thanks for the collaboration goes to the Municipality of Cordignano and the Grigolin family. The new intermediate ring – the Giro del Buongustare – features an unprecedented climb, short but challenging, designed to add value to our entire area and to a race well-known for its unpredictability.”

On the roads of the Giro del Belvedere, both champions and rising stars of international cycling have raised their arms, from Silvio Martinello to Juan Ayuso, who came third at the latest Vuelta a España, from Maurizio Fondriest to the 2022 winner, Frenchman Romain Grégoire.

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