Easter Monday equals Giro del Belvedere: April 13th is the date fixed

Pro Belvedere’s organizers at work for the 82nd edition of the U23 international race, that will take place in Villa di Cordignano. A successful story that keeps on going

On next Easter Monday, April 13th, Villa di Cordignano (Treviso) will host the 82nd edition of the Giro del Belvedere, the Veneto’s one-day race whose spectacular, unpredictable and historical course launched young prospects towards the professionals in recent years.

With around five months to go, this traditional and prestigious U23 classic warms up for a new exciting edition after the impressive 2019 race when Samuele Battistella raised his arms in Villa di Cordignano before U23 World Champion in the Yorkshire five months later. Then, Battistella signed his first professional contract with South African NTT Cycling for 2020 season, as well as his teammate Matteo Sobrero, another rider always in the Giro del Belvedere’ spotlights, by finishing third in the last two editions.

In 2019, Battistella beat in a two-man sprint Giovanni Aleotti, runner-up in Veneto after his brilliant performanes at Tour de l’Avenir with the Italian National jersey. Aleotti has already secured a big step into the pro’ from 2021 with CCC.

“Our story is full of tradition and competence – the Pro Belvedere general manager Gianfranco Carlet explained – There is no secret: we endured because of our relentless search for improvement. We are a traditional race known as a springboard for the raising champions. Just look at what Battistella did this year, but also at Stefan Küng, 2013 Giro del Belvedere winner who claimed the Elite World Championships’ bronze medal in Yorkshire three months ago. We aim to continue in this way: a successful story lies behind us but we staying focused on the future”.

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