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Giro del Belvedere unveils a 35-team entry list

2019-03-21T09:51:07+01:0021 mars 2019|

The Italian classic confirms its international status: 21 Italian and 14 foreigner squads at the start in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy) on April 22nd with a strong line-up from the East Europe

Giro del Belvedere rides at full speed towards its 81st edition, on Monday April 22nd in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy). The U23 international classic is ready to welcome the world’s best cycling prospects. As in the 2018 edition, 35 teams have been announced by Pro Belvedere’s organizers, including 21 Italian squads and 14 foreigner outfits with a strong line-up of East Europe’s selections.

Spotlights on the Russian Team and the national selections from Belarus and Slovakia – the latter home country of the triple World Champion Peter Sagan beside Astana Pro Team’s youth team, Astana Continental (Kazakhstan). Moreover, Brits Charles Page (Canyon DHB) and Mason Hollymann (Holdsworth-Zappi), and the Colombian climbers of Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman Team should also be watched carefully. In the last three editions have been taken by all foreigner riders: Swiss Patrick Muller (2016), Belarussian Alexander Riabushenko (2017) and Aussie Robert Stannard (2018).

All in all, teams from 12 different Countries will take part in the 2019 Giro del Belvedere: Italy, Belarus, Russia, […]

Italian rising stars to bring Giro del Belvedere back home

2019-02-12T09:16:26+01:0012 février 2019|

All the Italian Continental teams will enter the U23 International Classic, on Monday April 22nd, aiming to break the winning streak of the foreign athletes

Numbers don’t lie: the Italian riders claimed 69 out of 80 editions of Giro del Belvedere, but the foreigners’ winning streak has marked the last three editions, won by Swiss Patrick Muller (2016), Belarussian Aleksandr Riabushenko (2017) and Aussie Robert Stannard (2018).

On Monday April 22nd, the best Italian teams will be at the start in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy), with the goal to reverse the upward trend, trying to get the upper hand eventually.

In fact, all the Italian Continental teams will face the 81st edition of the U23 International classic: Biesse Carrera, Cycling Team Friuli, D’Amico UM Tools, Dimension Data for Qhubeka, Iseo Serrature-Rime-Carnovali, Sangemini-Trevigiani-MG.Kvis, Team Beltrami TSA-Hopplà-Petroli Firenze and Team Colpack. Moreover, the Italian amateur with longest experience will also take part in the “Easter Monday Classic”, namely Team Palazzago and Zalf Euromobil Désiree Fior, the latter winning 2015 Giro del Belvedere with Andrea Vendrame.

As usual, the best U23 Italian riders will be at Giro del Belvedere’s start – the OC manager Gianfranco Carlet explained. -. The several Italian teams that joined the Continental […]

Giro del Belvedere draws up its Easter Monday’s show

2019-03-23T16:49:27+01:0025 janvier 2019|

Italian organizers are working hard in view of the 81st edition of the international U23 race, scheduled in Villa di Cordignano (Veneto, Northern Italy), on April 22nd

80 editions for almost a century of history made Giro del Belvedere one of the most prominent event of the U23 International cycling season, due to the tradition and technical depth the organizing committee nurtured over the years, always bearing the riders’ safety in mind.

That’s why the “Easter Monday Classic” 81st edition – to be held on Monday, April 22nd in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy) – has a few changes in the first circuit of the course, suited to host the exciting challenge among the best world’s international prospects.

Indeed, the circuit in which the early course unfolds with 12 laps will bypass the twisty road to Sarmede while climbing again on the Conche hill, the ascent characterizing the first half of the race, including an intermediate sprint near the headquarter of Bit Costruzioni, the company turning its 40 years as Giro del Belvedere partner.

The finale remains unchanged with two laps of another 17,3-Km circuit. The classic Montaner climb, in Borgo Canalet (1,7 Km at 12% average gradient with peak at 20%), and the Via delle Longhe hill (0,5 km at 12% average gradient with peak at 17%) with 9 Km to […]

Robert Stannard’s star shines at Giro del Belvedere

2019-03-23T16:49:52+01:0002 avril 2018|

Surrounded by a huge crowd, Mitchelton Bike Exchange’s Aussie won the 80th edition of the U23 International classic. Italy’s Christian Scaroni and Matteo Sobrero rounded out the podium in Villa di Cordignano (Northern Italy)

Giro del Belvedere confirmed its international prestige: Robert Stannard claimed an historical edition of the “Easter Monday Classic”, the 80th, enhanced by the huge crowd cheering for the race protagonists in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy). Following Swiss Patrick Müller (2016) and Belarussian Aleksandr Riabushenko (2017), an Australian rider celebrated for the first time in the U23 international classic, grabbing the first seasonal win and his first career success in Italy.

After yesterday’s second place at Trofeo Piva, the Mitchelton Bike Exchange 19-year-old rider, came on top of a 6-man sprint among the breakaway riders that had launched the decisive attack on the tough Montaner climb. Behind the winner, Italy’s Christian Scaroni (Petroli Firenze Hopplà Maserati) and Matteo Sobrero (Dimension Data for Qhubeka) rounded out the day’s podium. “I’m happy – said the winner – Giro del Belvedere is one of the most important races in U23 cycling. I knew I had a great chance at the sprint: I controlled the last kilometers, pushing hard in the […]

80th Giro del Belvedere turns on the spotlight

2019-03-23T16:50:33+01:0031 mars 2018|

35 teams to line-up at the “Easter Monday Classic” 80th edition on April 2nd, 2018 with a live coverage on the official website
Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy) gets ready to welcome the 35 teams representing 17 Countries taking the star at the 80th Giro del Belvedere on Monday April 2nd. The best U23 cycling prospects will face a 166,6 Km classic ruote, characterized by two different circuits: the first (12 Km to be repeated 11 times) including the Conche hill, whilst the final circuit (17,3 Km to be repeated twice) features the classic Montaner climb in Borgo Canalet and Via delle Longhe hill, ideal springboard in view of the finish line.
Through a written live coverage on the event’s official website (click here), cycling fans will be able to follow the “Easter Monday Classic” from start to finish in real time, while also interacting on Twitter with the hashtag #GirodelBelvedere.
2018 Giro del Belvedere also joins an experimental project to follow the radio race update by the free-of-charge downloadable app “Zello”. Any user must create an account, search and add to list the “RCI Augusto Radio Corsa” channel. The app requires an internet connection.

Full-speed Giro del Belvedere with 40 teams and a US rising star

2018-02-23T17:07:11+01:0017 mars 2017|

Photo: Adrien Costa (l) sprints with Lachlan Morton at 2016 Tour of Utah.


The 79th edition of the U23 Easter Monday classic confirms its international status: the official teams list features 22 foreign outfits, with Californian sensation Adrien Costa expected at the start

Giro del Belvedere rides at full speed toward the “big day”, Monday April 17th. The U23 Easter Monday Classic confirms its international prestige in view of the 79th edition, as it lookes forward to welcome the best cycling prospects in the World.

As in the 2016 edition won by Swiss Patrick Muller, 40 teams have been announced at the start in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy), including 22 non-Italian outfits.

Axeon-Hagens Berman, BMC Development and Mitchelton Scott lead the international charge, whilst 18 Italian teams will try to get the upper hand on foreign opponents.

With a month to the race, the startlist is shaping up, featuring big guns such as Aussie Michael Storer, winner in Poggiana last year, 2016 Junior World Champion Jakob Egholm and the US rising star Adrien Costa.

The Californian rider, one of the best prospects on the international scale, finished overall second in 2016 Tour of Utah, competing against established pro riders, including several World Teams. In the […]

Giro del Belvedere is quality: the words of Silvio Martinello

2017-02-25T14:38:17+01:0025 février 2017|


Former Italian Olympic Champion, nowadays TV commentator, remembers the emotions felt at 1983 “Easter Monday Classic” after a strong duel with Pagnin. “To win this race gives self-esteem”

iro del Belvedere represents a pivotal moment those riders who aspire to become a pro’ all along. The U23 Italian one-day race glory blessed any kind of rider – climbers, rouleurs, sprinters and pistards so far : now just have to await the event’s 79th edition, scheduled on Monday April 17th, to unveil who crossing with arms raised Villa di Cordignano’s finish line.

The Italian track cycling icon Silvio Martinello is one of the big guns in Giro del Belvedere’s golden book. 5-time World Champion on track (2 Madison titles, 2 Points race titles and one Team Pursuit title) and gold medal in the men’s points race at 1996 OG in Atlanta, the Venetian former athlete and actually Italian TV commentator conquered the 1983 edition of Easter Monday Classic ahead of Roberto Pagnin, after a strong duel in a messy final sprint.

I was one of the main favorites since I had already won the Popolarissima and my team, Ciclisti Padovani, aimed to win this race – said Martinello. – The route was characterized by […]

Giro del Belvedere prepares for its 79th edition

2017-02-25T14:49:13+01:0026 janvier 2017|


Montaner and Via delle Longhe climbs remain the key-points of the international one-day race 79th edition in Villa di Cordignano, next April 17th. BMC, Axeon, Dimension Data and Lotto Soudal at the start

79th Giro del Belvedere, the U23 international race scheduled on Monday April 17th in Villa di Cordignano (Northern Italy), will take place on the same route as last year.

The first part of the event unfolds along a 12-Km circuit to be repeated 11 times, including the Conche hill (1 km at 5% average gradient with a peak at 9%), whilst the finale is characterized by two laps of another circuit of 17,3 Km.

The classic Montaner climb, in Borgo Canalet (1,7 Km at 12% average gradient with peak at 20%), and last year’s new-entry Via delle Longhe hill (0,5 km at 12% average gradient with peak at 17%) with 9 Km to go will likely decide the race.

We expect a shifty race open to several solutions”, Pro Belvedere’s Gianfranco Carlet explained. – “The last year event was amazing with many riders struggling for win until a few kilometers to the finish line, there’s no better outcome for us”.

Giro del Belvedere teams’ list is shaping up meantime with a huge […]

Giro del Belvedere prepares for its 79th edition

2017-01-21T15:00:59+01:0021 janvier 2017|


Pro Belvedere’s organizers are working hard to put everything into place in view of the Easter Monday international race scheduled in Villa di Cordignano on April 17th, 2017

Giro del Belvedere is considered an important event of the youth cycling calendar thanks to its history, tradition and technical significance, with the particularity to represent a springboard for the pro’ career. The 79th edition of the Easter Monday U23 international event, scheduled April 17th, 2017, will continue this leitmotiv with the clash between the best prospects in the world who will contest the success on the finish line in Villa di Cordignano (Treviso, Northern Italy).

In the last March, Patrick Muller clinched victory with a powerful sprint on the slightly sloping finish ahead of the Italian prospect Nicola Bagioli – new pro’ rider with the Team Nippo-Vini Fantini – and Croatian Josip Rumac. The 20-year-old Swiss athlete was the latest to enter in a prestigious list of winners including athletes like Maurizio Fondriest, Silvio Martinello, Ivan Gotti, Sacha Modolo and Stefan Kueng.

The Pro Belvedere organizers work to preserve the historical significance of the race with the goal to increase the international prestige, giving to the athletes a technical and tough course characterized by […]